As the ASPHALT-THERMO-CONTAINER first appeared on the market in the mid-1990s, only a few recognized the advantages of such a machine at first glance.

With increased technical progress and the need to replace outdated working methods with more rational ones in order to increase competitiveness, the ASPHALT-THERMO-CONTAINER has proven its economic and environmentally friendly working methods.

Today the ASPHALT-THERMO-CONTAINER with its modern and well thought through technology can be seen in use throughout Europe and wherever high-quality road repairs are carried out with simultaneous cost reductions.

Construction and advantages

The Asphalt-Thermo-Container is equipped with two separate heating chambers, each of which is heated with an environmentally friendly propane gas burner and so maintain the asphalt at the necessary working temperature. The heating chambers have additional mineral wool insulation in order to prevent the asphalt from cooling. The design of the chambers enables optimum heat distribution and thus energy-saving deployment. Each model in the ATC 25 series is equipped with a gas cylinder bracket for 11 kg cylinders. From the ATC 50 size models, holders for two 33 kg on board gas cylinders are provided, which avoid frequent cylinder changing.

The gas burners are controlled by thermostats and only heat if the temperature falls below a previously set value, the laying temperature you require. The heating is electronically ignited.

ATC Asphalt-Thermo-Containers are produced in the basic sizes, with a capacity from 1.25 t to 20 t as a standard. The ATC 50, 75 and 100 model series are also available as two-chamber systems, with which 2 different types of mix can be simultaneously transported to site and laid. The two-chamber systems are each equipped with 2 main worm conveyors and can be fitted with an external worm conveyor for spreading the material, as can all single chamber systems too. As a standard, these external conveyors then have a sliding system with which the external worm conveyor can be operated at both chambers as an option.

A worm conveyor made of HARDOX® steel in the floor of the V-shaped internal container conveys the material from the back of the container: here the material passes through a rotating V2A chute and is therefore easy to spread. The worm is hydraulically driven; this either occurs using the truck’s hydraulics or alternatively with its own hydraulics, available as an extra. All moving parts are integrated in the hydraulic system – this avoids cost-intensive manual work to a large extent.

The essential advantages of the Asphalt-Thermo-Container are:

  • Rational and cost-saving processing of asphalt
  • No unnecessary spreading of the mix by hand through precisely metered discharge by means of worm conveyors.
  • Reduced wage costs due to easier processing and considerably reduced laying times
  • No waste due to cooled mix
  • Longer road construction season
  • No complaints as no cooled asphalt is placed
  • Asphalt can be maintained at the required placement temperature for a long time without any temperature losses
  • No more cost-intensive part loads
  • No cleaning necessary after daily work. (Container is „self-cleaning“)

The various advantages of the Asphalt-Thermo-Containers result in much faster amortization of the investments made and considerable competitive advantages!

Container is „self-cleaning“

The gas-heating system of the ATC provides self cleaning walls. The hot asphalt cascades down off of hot walls into the conveyor. Providing a complete self cleaning process.


  • ATC 25 Model Range
    Optimized for all small pickup trucks with low payloads, for example the Multicar. The 25 series is ideally suited for small construction sites, e.g. fitting potholes or repairing minor frost damage.
  • ATC 50 / ATC 60 Model Range
    Equipped with the swivelling chute, supplied as a standard, the workgroup is ideally equipped for all work within the carriageway. Equipped as above, however with 6.0 t capacity.
  • ATC 75 Model Range
    The “standard container” for the trucks frequently found on construction sites with approx. 18 t authorised total weight (Photo: single- chamber system) driven by the vehicle’s hydraulics.
  • ATC 100 Model Range
    ATC 100 mounted on chassis. Single chamber system. The ATC 100 is the optimum choice for all three-axle trucks. The ATC 100S with capacity of 15 t on a loading grid, equipped with an external worm conveyer, …
  • Jumbo Model Range
    Capacity: 15-20 tons
  • Asphalt Hot Boxes
    Container in construction