Optional Equipment

Parking Systems

The Asphalt-Thermo-Container offers various possibilities for lowering it from the truck. It can either be lowered by crane, for which lifting rings are attached to the container, or parked independently by the truck driver on mechanical galvanised supports (type EC for empty containers) or hydraulic supports (type EN for filled containers). Lowering using a fork-lift truck or wheel loader is made possible by the fork-lift support available as an optional extra.

EF – External Worm Conveyor

The external worm conveyor, equipped with all-round insulation enables wide spreading of the mix next to or behind the vehicle, which means the vehicle can remain on firm ground and the materials can be pre-spread over a wide area. It can be swivelled through 180° and has a 360° swivelling V2A chute at the discharge. Material feed is controlled using the remote control switch on the discharge of the external worm conveyor.

  • Ideally suited for sewer trenches, pavements and other long rises, as well as for carriageway crossings

EJ – External Gas Burner

External Gas Burner

The external gas burner with additional gas connection on the container is always ready for use for minor work, e.g. melting “Tock tape” or cleaning working equipment.

Equipped with the bonding agent sprayer shown below. The Asphalt-Thermo-Container is the complete road maintenance unit!

HS – Bonding Agent Sprayer, cold emulsion

Bonding Agent Sprayer, cold emulsion

The hydraulically driven bonding agent sprayer enables fast and easy application of cold-emulsion-based bonding agents (bitumen component max. 40 %) C 40 BF1-S for preparing the areas to be patched.

The bonding agent is carried in fitted tanks.

The “on-board-solution” means all the additional costs previously required for transport and the often awkward handling of a separate bonding agent sprayer on site is no longer necessary. No additional loading area or transport facility is required.

HSb – Bonding Agent Sprayer, fully automatically heated

Bonding Agend Sprayer for spreading heated emulsion C60 B1-S (UK60). Storage tank inside the container.


  • Thermostatically controlled hot water heating for the gentle heating of the emulsion
  • Hydraulically driven pump for the emulsion
  • Sprayer lance with automatic tube scooter stainless steel (10 m high pressure hose)
  • Thermometer for automatic temperature control 
  • Programmable timer

Tank capacity:

  • ATC   25 =   80 litre
  • ATC   50 =   80 litre
  • ATC   60 = 100 litre
  • ATC   75 = 140 litre
  • ATC 100 = 200 litre

TF – Tandem Trailer

All containers can also be supplied on special trailer in order to increase their flexibility.

The tandem trailers are, thanks to their compact design, ectremely mobile.
The stepless heigth adjustable drawbar enables it to be towed by various towing vehicles.